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Ibiza Production.

Ibiza and Formentera are among the most sought-after destinations for fashion brands and unique brands to shoot their ads and advertising campaigns. The spectacular beaches and cliffs of Formentera, the magic of the Dalt Vila neighborhood declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, or the luxurious villas with infinity pools in Ibiza are some of the settings where our campaigns are photographed and filmed.

ibiza production

Fashion Shoots


Beauty & Lifestyle Shoots

Processed with Lensa with Auto Adjustments


Photography in IBIZA

Fashion, lifestyle, and beauty photography is a unique art form. Many aspects come together to create a singular and impressive end result. From a single image, something great is born.

With sensual color palettes on IBIZA and aesthetic visual languages, a picture says everything it needs to say. A single glance and the message is received. That’s the magic of our photography. With a trained eye, a dreamlike location, and skilled hands, we capture unique moments for you – so delicate and subtle that you can almost feel the luxury and elegance within the pixels.

Fashion & Campaign Shoots

Professional Fashion & Campaign Shoots

Whether on TV, social media, or in high-fashion magazines, we are repeatedly treated to stunning shots. With effortless grace and playful elegance, the content tells its own story – sometimes romantic, sometimes cool and edgy, sometimes sensually alluring. On the beautiful island of IBIZA, we organize professional fashion & campaign shoots for you. Because for your brand, only the best backdrop is good enough.

Video Production

Video Productions with IBIZA

Flair Videos are the kings of visual representation. Frame by frame, they transport us into magical worlds. There are no limits here. Anything is possible. If you want to embed your brand in a wondrous world, then we are the right partner for you. Our stylish video productions, so sensual and elegant, create an exclusive framework that perfectly showcases your products.
Our promise: Every sequence invites you to dream.

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Ibiza Production.