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Luxury is more than just a product; it’s an emotion. It’s the feeling of being special, experiencing something exclusive, innovative, and truly one-of-a-kind.


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About Victor

Victor Henriquez Morales is more than just a designer and entrepreneur. With heart and soul, he immerses himself in the sensual facets of life, particularly in fashion, art, and photography.

But Victor’s passion for beauty and refinement didn’t happen by chance. It flows through his veins. From the very beginning, this self-made visionary with Chilean roots had a fondness for fashion and lifestyle. Even in his hometown of Munich, he felt the creative streak within him. Now, he just needed a place where he could unleash it to his heart’s content. After stints in Los Angeles, Valencia, and Barcelona, Victor Henriquez Morales found himself in Ibiza.

CEO & Creative Director

More about Victor

The Beginning:

Victor Henriquez Morales is a fashion and lifestyle enthusiast who lets his actions speak. At just 19 years old, he founded his first company and fashion label, which was exclusively sold online. He named his former passion project FELIZIANO. With hard work, juggling part-time jobs as a waiter at a Munich catering company and a bartender, and a belief in something greater, he financed his first collection.

And the courage paid off. By the age of 23, Victor Morales was already leading his first GmbH with over 25 employees. But that was just the beginning. He quickly discovered his entrepreneurial potential and utilized it to start five more companies. Whether in the fashion and lifestyle industry, with additional labels and his own traditional clothing collection, Amazon, digital commerce, or in the digital agency sector – this creative free spirit transformed his ideas into success.

During his intense period of entrepreneurship, he naturally experienced a setback or two. His greatest challenge: the insolvency of his newly founded GmbH. However, the designer didn’t let that bring him down. On the contrary, for him, failure was a valuable lesson. Full of enthusiasm and a hunger for success, he picked himself up and fueled his entrepreneurial career with valuable new experiences.

And the effort paid off. Today, Victor Henriquez Morales is a proud founder of the luxury boutique agency CreativeProjects, as well as the founder and owner of the labels – Victor Morales and The Men Behind.

His personal secret to success:
If you’re going to do something, do something big. 


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Luxury Branding

Luxury is more than just a product; it’s an emotion. It’s the feeling of being special, experiencing something exclusive, innovative, and truly one-of-a-kind. When we run our fingers over silky fabrics, enjoy the smooth touch of leather on our skin, and appreciate stylish details, we start to imagine. We enter a realm of dreams where we feel exceptional. In this space, aesthetics rule, and we can be our most beautiful selves without any compromises.

This very sentiment is the driving force behind Mr. Victor Henriquez Morales. We transport you to a world filled with glamour and sophistication. Through creative consulting and the creation of stunning content, we elevate your brand to the level of luxury it deserves. We make it opulent, distinctive, and extraordinary.

Our promise: We bring your dreams to life. With finesse, passion, and expertise, we turn unique concepts into reality.

With an extra touch of passion

Let’s be honest: Many Creative Directors still consider themselves as traditional service providers. They go about their tasks diligently but often forget that special touch that can ignite dreams in their clients. However, it’s a different story with Victor and his Team. He approach each and every step with an added dose of passion, whether it’s brand strategy, the fashion and campaign photo shoots, content production, or copywriting. The vision: Luxury should always stand out from the crowd.

Distinctive products and brands need to come to life. We have to infuse them with a touch of magic until they have a voice of their own, speaking in elegant phrases, stylish words, and meaningful syllables. And it’s precisely this unique language that we impart to your brand. With our experience and expertise, we craft a sophisticated expression that brilliantly showcases your products. Rest assured, we won’t stop until your customers start to dream – we give you our word.

The bigger picture.

A successful marketing or brand strategy is like a puzzle. It’s only when the individual pieces seamlessly come together that it becomes complete. And that’s precisely why, as a boutique agency, we keep the bigger picture in mind for you.

From digital strategy to video production and influencer matchmaking, get ready for the exclusive package that Victor Henriquez Morales have created for you.

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